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I finally took some time to take a break from commissions and paint something for myself over the last week. This here is the Ork Warboss from the Black Reach box set that I’ve had since that set came out…this guy sat a long time in line to be painted!

I’ll have more pics in a post tomorrow afternoon I ran out of time tonight to edit them all into a combo image.

I just stumbled on this pic of a mini that I had forgotten I ever painted.  I checked and realized I never posted it online I don’t think…or maybe I did and just forgot.  So many minis…  Anyway here is Sarah the Seeress from Reaper that I painted on a one off character commission in 2012. I sure hope I wrote down how I did that hair effect.

Another version of the Talisman 3rd Edition Alchemist that I recently finished up.  This time I kept to the colors from the character card of the game.  As you can see, those were some vivid colors they chose for this dude. All of the little gems on his robe and hat are all painted there, not sculpted on, again, according to the card art that I was being true to.

A couple of different versions of the Dark Elf Sorceress for Talisman 3rd edition that I’ve painted up but never shown here.  The first one, where I chose the color scheme was from 2010 and I didn’t get a decent photo of it before I shipped it away, hence the crazy times photoshop background, the bottom pic is of the 2014 version to match the card art for the game. 

Here it is all finished! 

I learned a great deal working on this piece and I’m glad I got a chance to share some of that with you all here on Tumblr.  Thanks for all the likes and reblogs during the course of this project and I’m honored to have over 100 new followers over the last two weeks!  That’s amazing!

I’ll see you guys immediately with the start of another project of course

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