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Augur Grisom from Descent Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition Trollfens Expansion by Fantasyflight games.

I painted this exceptionally tiny Dwarf priest up over last week, a little at a time.  I’m painting all of these to match the card art for their character card.  In this case, I really enjoyed painting the complementary and unusual color scheme quite a bit.   Also, I really like this mini, great face and expression on the sculpt.  The flail was a bit miscast, but I did the best I could with what I had to work with, which was kinda blobby.

Alys Raine from Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition, Manor of Ravens expansion from Fantasy Flight Games.

Received a bunch of expansions for Descent as an early birthday gift and got busy painting one of the new heroes from Manor of Ravens.  I resculpted her hair and face a bit before painting since the sculpt didn’t really do the character card art justice really.

lolpacagames asked:

Hey there, (sorry this should probably be "fan mail" but it says I haven't been following you long enough to send it) I'm currently in the process of painting up my own Descent minis and I stumbled across your blog while looking for pictures to use as a reference. Just wanted to say, your stuff is AMAZING! It really is an inspiration, I hope I can paint half as well as you some day. Look forward to seeing what you do with the monsters! :D

Hey thanks, Descent is a great game with a ton of cool characters to paint, have fun!  I’ll get to the monsters just as soon as I finish the characters but there’s so many characters!  What a great variety though, having fun painting all of these.  Alright, I’m glad I could be an inspiration, take care!

Avric Albright from Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition main box.  Painted to match the card art as close as I could.  Hence some of these color choices looking kinda cartoony, like the trim around his pauldrons for example.  I like them to look just like the art from FFG.  This makes two of the heroes I’ve done now, including Ashrian.  (I’m painting them alphabetically)

I started painting my characters from Descent 2nd edition over the weekend.  This here is Ashrian.  This mini is…tiny.  Comes up to around the neck of a typical space marine for example.  But hey, if they can sculpt it? I can paint it. 

I want to bring to life my Descent characters with paint because I love the game so much and the character card art is just a great reference for the color scheme for each character. I gave her a little more life by adding a freehand pattern to her cloak. Otherwise I kept her true to the card art. Many more to come, and the monsters and lieutenants as well!

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