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crimjapes asked:

Hey, just wanted to say that in terms of original work done on minis, your blog is of my favorite wargaming blogs and it keeps me motivated to keep on painting! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the blog. You're wicked cool. Thanks for being awesome!

Hey buddy I really appreciate the kind words there.  I’m glad you’re enjoying my content, and I’ll be sure to bring more wicked awesome coolness here forever for you guys haha.  That’s what I’m shooting for at least!

Also, I missed the notification that I had messages here, so if this was a verrrry late response then that’s on me for sure, I hope you don’t think I’m a jerk for not answering promptly!  Not a jerk, just temporarily absent.  I’ll check my inbox manually from here out, sheesh you’d think they’d give you notifications that you had messages!

jaziks asked:

What kind of brushes or otherwise do you use for such fine details? I'm seriously impressed. I'm also frustrated as I'm new to mini painting would love to refine mine with as much detail.

Oh hi, I was neglecting my Tumblr (so busy!) and I missed this, hope you don’t think I was ignoring this!  Just being absent is all

To answer: I really love my W&N Series 7 but not Miniature Series 7, just regular old series 7 in sizes ranging from a big ol’ 2 down to a 000.

I’ve tried them all and I keep a couple Raphael 8404’s around for bigger jobs as their bellies are bigger and hold more paint, but my workhorses are those Windsor & Newton Series 7’s.  I’ve been using those faithfully for over 10 years now and am never disappointed in the way they take care of business at this scale.  Some require grooming when you get them but nothing a pair of micro tweezers and super sharp X-acto blade can’t handle, just pluck out and slice at the root any stray hairs and keep the point sharp by cleaning it gently after a paint session with “The Master’s” brush cleaner (check youtube for instructions!)

Talisman 3rd Edition Black Orc from the City of Adventure expansion.

You know, as old as this guy is…as far as the sculpt is concerned at least, he holds up pretty well to today’s standards when you give him a decent coat of paint.  Really was looking forward to painting this guy as I liked the sculpt.

(painted as part of an ongoing classic Talisman mini commission)

Screencap of a frame from today’s video on painting blue hair/fur on my Ogre Chieftain conversion.  If you’ve followed this you may notice I resculpted his belt and shoulder plates to be more in theme with his overall ‘look’.  Still a bunch more to paint yet but starting to see the light at the end of the road here for this piece.  Only working on him a little per day, when I have time, and shooting video for youtube as I go.

Probably will give him a grey beard in the end.  Blue was good in my mind’s eye, but I’m thinking grey will be better. 

A screencap from the video I shot this morning where I show how I’m painting the Ogre’s dark iron and applying the rusted effect.

30 minute video should be done rendering/uploading by sometime this evening if you’d like to watch.  It’s on my youtube channel, click through to my page here and I have a link to all that stuff on my right hand sidebar, where I’m doing a full video series of how I converted and painted this Reaper Bones figure.   I’m about 9 videos in now, with quite a few more to come.

Tomorrow I’ll shoot footage of how I did this tarnished brass effect.

Did some work on the leathers and furs on this converted Bones figure.  Spending an hour a day working on him and 20 minutes filming video of what I’m doing technique-wise.  Really fun actually, having a good time shooting video of mini painting.  Running into every problem in the book and solving them is challenging but rewarding.

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