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Avric Albright from Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition main box.  Painted to match the card art as close as I could.  Hence some of these color choices looking kinda cartoony, like the trim around his pauldrons for example.  I like them to look just like the art from FFG.  This makes two of the heroes I’ve done now, including Ashrian.  (I’m painting them alphabetically)

I started painting my characters from Descent 2nd edition over the weekend.  This here is Ashrian.  This mini is…tiny.  Comes up to around the neck of a typical space marine for example.  But hey, if they can sculpt it? I can paint it. 

I want to bring to life my Descent characters with paint because I love the game so much and the character card art is just a great reference for the color scheme for each character. I gave her a little more life by adding a freehand pattern to her cloak. Otherwise I kept her true to the card art. Many more to come, and the monsters and lieutenants as well!

Just finished the Witch Elf from Talisman 3rd edition.  That would be the one with the white hair painted with metallics.  I also thought I’d show an earlier version from 2011 that I painted painted in the NMM style.

The version I just finished was painted to match the card art from the game and the earlier version was just some scheme I came up with off the top.

My monthly game night last night: Zombicide!  Only the second time we’ve played this one, but we all enjoy this co-op game.  Played mission 2 to completion and about 1/4 of mission 3…which dragged on far too long into the wee hours to finish. We were the IRL zombies at that point so we called it.  I’m wanting to pick up the expansions now to see what they add to the game as I really enjoy this one.  Probably going down today to get them, still deciding on expanding this game or Descent first.

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